Adult Dental Care

adult dentistry
We offer a wide range of dental care for adults including general dentistry procedures as well as traditional orthodontics.  Composites or white fillings are typically used to provide an esthetic appearance as well as porcelain crowns, bridges, and implants.  It is vital to maintain healthy bone levels and gum health to insure a lifetime of healthy teeth.  We believe that good oral health lead to beautiful smiles that can dramatically improve our patient’s quality of life. 

Dr. Wang and his staff believe in fostering a direct relationship with our patients and making you feel right at home.  We enjoy meeting new people and work hard to put you at ease.  Our newly built office incorporates ceiling mounted monitors to help educate you on your oral health, but offer entertainment options from Netflix, Hulu plus, and U-verse TV.  Customizable music stations are also available as well as cozy pillows and blankets.  We hope to make your visit as pleasant and stress free as possible so come and meet the friendly staff at W Dental.

–  checkups
–  cavity prevention
–  gum disease prevention
–  emergency and tooth ache exams
–  oral cancer and pathology screening
–  tooth colored fillings
–  routine cleanings
–  bone loss prevention and treatment
–  root canal treatments
–  porcelain crowns and bridges
–  cosmetic composites and veeners
–  whitening
–  partial and complete dentures
–  wisdom teeth extractions
–  cardiovascular and diabetes management through dentistry