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Loosing my Wisdom!

So, a commonly asked question is wisdom teeth. What are they and what do we do about them.

Lets start off with what they are. They are back teeth known as molars. We technically call them “3rd molars” and they are the very last teeth we have. Long ago, we had larger jaws that allowed us to have 32 teeth with no problems. However, we have smaller jaws now and a majority of the population has no room for these wisdom teeth.

What happens when we have no room, what happens to these teeth? Well, they get stuck. This is called impaction. Impactions have different types but all impacted teeth are stuck- most of the time under the gum tissue and in our bone. They don’t help us eat and they have zero function when they are impacted. In fact, impaction can cause problem- often time pain and possibly infection.

So, what do we do about impacted teeth, we want to avoid pain and infections. We remove them. Oral surgeons are specialists that remove these teeth and can put you to sleep.

Some wisdom teeth are not impacted. These teeth look like any other teeth in our mouths. What then? Well, it becomes a matter of how easy they are to maintain clean, cavity, and infection free. If your brushing and flossing habits are good, sometimes we can leave them alone. However, if bacteria is constantly building up around them, it is recommended we remove them as well.

So, how do I know if I need them extracted? Well, first step is to take a panoramic xray and my staff and I will go over the xray and give you our recommendations. Best tip is to get the diagnosis early, as removing teeth is less risky when you are young, and eliminate issues down the road.

-George Wang, DDS

Implants?  What are they doing in your mouth!

Implants? What are they doing in your mouth!

So, you may be thinking to yourself what an implant have to do with teeth and what we are talking about. I know, when you hear the word “implant” most think about medical and cosmetic applications.

Well, implants have come to the world of dentistry and its making people with missing teeth a newfound way to smile. Just like the name implies, we implant a fake tooth to add function and beauty to your smile. So, why are they so great? Well, they are basically the closest thing we can get to natural root and tooth. It is essentially a “man made” tooth.

An implant is placed into the bone and mimics what a natural root would do. The implant’s specialized material (titanium), actually makes connections with your bone and over time, fuses and integrates with the bone. It allows us to essentially add a new root and from there a beautiful tooth made of ceramics and titanium.

The beauty of an implant is it is the most natural feeling and realistic looking option available. It allows us to recreate your smile the way mother nature would have made it- with a root and tooth that is held by your jaw. It is very different than bridges or removable dentures because those methods don’t add a “man made” root and thus not as effective and beautiful as an implant. Please come into the W Dental we will give you the latest and greatest way to recreating the perfect smile you deserve.

-Dr. George Wang

Keeping Teeth Healthy

Dental health is one of the most important responsibilities related to personal hygiene to ensure prevention of gum disease and plaque. With proper daily care, teeth will stay intact and function properly for a lifetime.

Floss Daily

Many people underestimate the importance of flossing, often considering it unnecessary and less important than brushing. However, flossing is at times more important than even brushing the teeth to ensure trapped food particles are released in crevices. If food is stuck in the gaps of teeth, it ultimately sits for several days to rot the tooth and create a cavity. This can also lead to infections and swollen gums, greatly contributing to gum disease.

Get Teeth Cleaned

Visit a Dallas dentist every six months to ensure build-up of plaque is professionally removed with a thorough cleaning. Teeth will also be inspected for cavities to ensure general maintenance is performed for healthier and stronger teeth. Having a professional cleaning twice a year will also ensure teeth and gums are well cared for a healthier smile.

Use an Automatic Toothbrush

Investing in an automatic toothbrush will not only prevent cavities, but will also keep teeth whiter and free of plaque by working to infuse the gum line with fluid for a through cleaning. Many of the toothbrushes also come with a two-minute timer to ensure that teeth are brushed for a longer period of time, making it easier to have healthier teeth.

Automatic toothbrushes are electrically charged for a more powerful, but a gentle cleaning that has a range of 9,000 to 40,000 movements each minute.

Brush After Eating Sugar

Although it’s important to brush two to three times a day, it’s also important to remove sugar in the mouth that can quickly work to rot teeth just 20 minutes after consuming a sugary beverage or snack. Carry a travel toothbrush and toothpaste when on the go and do a quick cleaning to prevent the sugar from having too much contact.

Whiten Teeth Naturally

Whitening trays and synthetic chemicals can take off the protective enamel on teeth, making them more susceptible to the effects of food particles.
Instead of restoring to harmful whitening chemicals to restore the color of teeth, opt for swishing with a small capful of hydrogen peroxide that’s diluted with water. The product will not only make teeth whiter over time, but will also kill germs in the mouth and prevent cavities.