Children's Dental Care

The bases for a lifetime of healthy teeth start during the infant years.  It is crucial to reinforce good habits early on and start visiting the dentist as early as 6 months.  The foundation for a beautiful smile starts with healthy, cavity free baby teeth.  They hold the space until adult teeth are ready to come in.  Without proper spacing, adult teeth can often times come in misaligned.  Health baby teeth are also crucial to prevent unnecessary pain and infections.  It also gives us a chance to get to know you and your child and make them feel at ease at the dentist. 


Dr. Wang and his staff at W Dental welcome infants as early as 6 months.  Don’t worry, there are never any shots here, we ‘blow bubbles’ and give children ‘princess or spider-man teeth.’  That’s just one technique to help make the process for your children stress free.  It takes a different attitude when children are at the dentist and we work hard to make your child feel at ease.  Overhead monitors play children’s programing like Sponge Bob, Dora, and others to keep kids entertained. Nitrous oxide and oral sedation techniques are available to keep kids relaxed and calm.  We believe in keeping the experience trauma free, so parents are welcome to the treatment room and no restraints are every used.  Come visit Dr. Wang and his friendly staff to get your child started on a lifetime of healthy teeth and beautiful smiles!

–  infant exams (6 mo. old and up)

–  checkups

–  cavity prevention

–  gum disease prevention

–  oral cancer and pathology screening

–  emergency toothache exams

–  children’s dental procedures

–  parents allowed and welcomed to join their children during the procedure

–  NO palpose or restraints are ever used