Implants? What are they doing in your mouth!

So, you may be thinking to yourself what an implant have to do with teeth and what we are talking about. I know, when you hear the word “implant” most think about medical and cosmetic applications.

Well, implants have come to the world of dentistry and its making people with missing teeth a newfound way to smile. Just like the name implies, we implant a fake tooth to add function and beauty to your smile. So, why are they so great? Well, they are basically the closest thing we can get to natural root and tooth. It is essentially a “man made” tooth.

An implant is placed into the bone and mimics what a natural root would do. The implant’s specialized material (titanium), actually makes connections with your bone and over time, fuses and integrates with the bone. It allows us to essentially add a new root and from there a beautiful tooth made of ceramics and titanium.

The beauty of an implant is it is the most natural feeling and realistic looking option available. It allows us to recreate your smile the way mother nature would have made it- with a root and tooth that is held by your jaw. It is very different than bridges or removable dentures because those methods don’t add a “man made” root and thus not as effective and beautiful as an implant. Please come into the W Dental we will give you the latest and greatest way to recreating the perfect smile you deserve.

-Dr. George Wang